Tips to Bounce Back from a Bone Graft

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Bone grafting is a jawbone procedure that is performed to restore areas of lost or weakened bone structure in your jaw. If you are one of the many patients who have questions about the recovery portion of bone grafting, our team is happy to offer a few tips for a successful and speedy bone graft recovery:

– You will have an initial consultation with our dentists at George R. Hussey, DDS, FAGD, and during this time, you should notify us of the medications you take and whether you have any medical conditions that put you at risk of persistent bleeding. Transparent communication is the key to helping you have a safe and effective procedure and recovery period.

– If you smoke or use other tobacco products, it’s important to design a cessation program with your general physician in advance so that you aren’t using tobacco during recovery and experiencing gum irritation. Tobacco can put you at an increased risk of gum infection and complicate your recovery time. To avoid gum irritation, use a cessation program that doesn’t involve the use of lozenges or nicotine gum.

– Eat mainly soft foods for the first few days while your gums are healing, including yogurt, soup, mashed potatoes and applesauce. Make sure you stay hydrated but aren’t consuming hot or cold drinks. Don’t drink with a straw, as this could disrupt forming blood clots where the incision was made.

For further information on having a successful recovery process following a bone graft in Arlington, Washington, arrange an appointment with Dr. George R. Hussey or Dr. Eric Larson by calling our office at 360.653.5197 today.