Tips to Avoid Tooth Sensitivity

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Teeth that hurt when eating or drinking can be annoying and painful. This happens when we lose the protective enamel covering our teeth, or when the gums recede to reveal the underlying root.

Once the raw tooth is exposed, hot and cold can cause pain when eating and drinking. Very sweet things also become irritants to our teeth. Even cold air can cause displeasure.

The below tips can help you avoid losing tooth enamel and keep you from this painful sensitivity:

Brush Teeth Tenderly

Vigorous tooth brushing is a common cause of receding gum lines and the loss of enamel on the surface of teeth. Many of those who have been diagnosed with this problem were under the impression that they were just being thorough, but it is a damaging myth that forceful brushing is helpful. Instead, try a water jet or a tooth brush with soft-bristles.

Gulp Sodas or Use a Straw

If you won’t cut them out completely, gulp sodas and fruit juices. Besides the sugar, the acidity in these types of drinks have caused a lot of enamel loss. The tip is to not sip! By gulping, or better yet, using a straw you will send the offensive acid past your teeth directly into the back of the throat. Don’t let the stuff linger around on your pearlies.

Don’t Chew Ice

Without calories, sugar and acid-free, ice cannot harm you if eaten. Although, chewing it may crack your teeth. There are a lot more ice crunchers than you may know. Don’t be one!

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