The Basics: Halitosis

For help improving your health, it is important to avoid risks often associated with underlying conditions that may be present. The number one rule is that you should never neglect your oral health care. If you begin to allow plaque buildup and bacteria to collect in your mouth, eventually it will lead to several oral health risks. One particular oral... read more »

Oral Health and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wondrous blessing, but it's not without its effects. Since we are concerned about your health and the care of your child, we've amassed this post about the impacts of pregnancy on the mouth. We are hopeful that this info helps boost your education and gives you the knowledge you need to battle the ill effects pregnancy can... read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Smile

Did you know, cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile’s look? Well, it’s true! Having a smile you can feel confident about can boost your self-esteem and give you a ray of confidence in your everyday life. That is why, our team here at George R. Hussey, DDS, FAGD in Arlington, Washington, is proud to talk to you about cosmetic dentistry... read more »

Professional Teeth Cleaning Treatments for All Conditions

If your teeth have experienced a slight decline in radiance or stains of any sort, our friendly team of superstar dentists at George R. Hussey, DDS, FAGD can offer you a professional teeth whitening treatment that is sure to impress. It’s never too late to snuff out color imperfections, or flaws your teeth may have. Professional teeth cleaning treatments can... read more »

Got Grills? Here Are the Tips You Need to Care for Your Smile

There are many products in the world today that can harm your smile, and grills are one of them. However, there are ways you can wear your grills all while keeping your teeth and gums in tip-top shape, and our dedicated dental team is happy to tell you all about it! We recommend caring for your oral health while you have... read more »