Including Your New Crown as Part of Your Daily Oral Hygiene Routine

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Your new crown represents a serious investment in restoring the appearance and function of a tooth that was severely fractured, or suffered extensive tooth decay. While the materials your new crown is made from not vulnerable to tooth decay, it will still need to be included as part of your daily oral hygiene routine.

Residual food particles and bacteria in your mouth can develop into a film of plaque. If this plaque isn’t removed on a daily basis it will harden into tartar at the gum line, which is the primary cause of gum disease.

Advanced gum disease, known as periodontitis can cause your gums to pull back from the base of your teeth. This creates small pockets of infection in your gum tissues near the roots of the abutment that anchors your crown. This bacterial presence can sometimes weaken the cement holding your new crown to the abutment or even weaken the bones holding your teeth in place!

The ADA recommends that you brush and floss your teeth twice a day to remove food particles and plaque before they can harden into tartar. Your regular dental checkup is also important because it clean any lingering tartar from your teeth and polish your teeth and monitor the health of your gums.

If you have questions about caring for your crown, please feel free to call us at 360.653.5197 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you maintain your new crown!